Sounds of the Sea App Reviews

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How do u uninstall


Very short files without a repeat option.

Sea sounds


Very cool!

Needs some seagulls and more cowbell! Just kidding. Update soon with a couple of other sounds and fix some of he bugs.


Stupid !!!!!

Just small sound clips

There are a variety of sound clips, but they are just a couple seconds long with no option for continuous looping.

Do not get app

This app crashed my 16 gig touch by hitting the seal. It honked for 2 hours!! I deleted the app and turned my iPod off and it still honked! Played music on the iPod, can't even here the music! Just honk honk honk! After 2 hours it was silent. If you like broken ipods, than this app is for you.


The thing has a dating site download attached it crashed my 3 day old, 16 gig, i-phone and sent me into a complete panic. I am still freaked out that I ruined my phone. I leaped before I looked and just spent the last 30 minutes trying to get the phone back up and running and trying to delete it from my i-tunes interface. It is evil, wicked, stuff. IT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE OFFERINGS. STAY AWAY IF YOU LOVE YOUR I-PHONE.

don't get this

It almost broke my Ipod touch

Sweet app

This very all of u that said it was bad are foolish!!

S T U P I D !

Almost broke my iPod!




sh@# why the f!@# would u fu!@$%g want this s@#$


title says all


No sound, just a pop up ad

installs then does not work!

avoid, does not work


I didn't read the reviews before I downloaded it; what a mistake. The only thing I get when I click on a photo is a pop-up AD; no Sounds of the Seas. This should be removed from the Apple apps offerings.

Ugh ugh ugh ugh

It doesn't even diserve one star.broke my I phone.... don't get

Definitely a disappointment

The sounds are far too short for this to be of any real value.

Really bad

Not relaxing as I thought it was. Horribly annoying. I really wanted this app to be cool.

Stupid and more stupid

Words can't descibe how annoying this app is. What a waste of time and space! Whoever made this app is really clueless!


It is horrible. I gives like nine different short animal noises and that is it! I recommend you to get Easy Relax which is also free and it is way much better than this piece of crap, seriously Anyone agree with me???

Great for my toddler

Thanks foe a great free app. My kid lives it.

Dumb dumb dumb

This is the worst app I've ever witnessed in my whole life. The White Noise app is way better than this dumb thing. GET A LIFE THOSE WHO MADE THIS STUPID THING.


One of the worst apps out there! Deleted after 2 mins! Is apple really checking these apps before there put on the app store???


Trash deleted it. Get easy relax instead it's better.


It won't even play the sounds! Deffinatley not worth your time!


There are far to few sounds to select from, and each sound lasted about 4 seconds, which makes you wonder what this app is actually for. I for one don't get it.


If you want to annoy everyone around you then 5 stars for this app!


There's nothing "peaceful" about this app. Seems like nothing more than an attempt to get AD banner views. Why would Apple approve this?


Koi pond is better - and it's just a pond.


Don't really see the purpose in this app. So far all it does is crash my iPhone.

Come on now......

This app is lame. The sounds are not looped and only play for a few seconds. Plus the sound is very cracky! Don't waste the space.

No sound

Well... Seems to be cool, but I haven't got any sound :-( Only the screen with 9 or 12 icons. I've tapped on each icon, but no sound.

It's 2/3rds

Well I can tell the developer put much into work into it's interface. But the sounds aren't functioning properly. you put one and you can't turn it off again, and there's ads Under the application So yeah I took it off my phone I'll give it 3 stars for Interface <3

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